The Galle Face Hotel, having witnessed many wedding ceremonies in its hallowed halls over centuries, is now introducing a new wedding experience, giving emphasis to its deep-rooted vintage Ceylonese history. With years of experience in creating luxury wedding experiences from across the world, the hotel’s management team, namely General Manager Antony Paton has now included to the Galle Face Hotel wedding experience a Wedding Salon, an exceptional luxury wedding planning platform.

This development has restored the hotel’s original architecture, introducing a sense of ‘curated’ modernity to its surroundings, in order to seamlessly blend the old age and the new. At each wedding ceremony, one can experience almost a tangible air of vintage charm in the venue, complemented by the dramatic windows that flood the space with natural light, giving the capacious halls a heavenly glow. With a distinct reinvention of facilities and services, one can observe only a slight architecture and structural change.
“If one was to ask, why are people attracted to the Galle Face Hotel? The reason is that, they come here because of its characteristics, the history and nostalgia that linger at every corner of the hotel. The hotel was established in 1864. And we want all to experience the days of yesteryears and indeed give all our customers a unique and memorable experience,” said Director Banquets Thakshila Galappaththy.

There will be two main halls under this restoration project. One is the ‘Jubilee Ballroom’ and the other is the ‘Grand Ballroom’. We are having two different wedding packages which are named ‘Jubilee Package’ and ‘Imperial Package’. However we are unparallel also in the superiority in services provided, the individual attention to detail, the eclectic mix of imperial tradition, romance, vintage architecture and flavour that lingers in this heritage property. The packages will be inclusive of a horse carriage with a white horse or a vintage Cadillac and the guest is given the privilege to choose either of these options to be included on their wedding day”, said Thakshila.

Reservations for weddings at Galle Face Hotel are now open and more information can be obtained on 011-2-541010 or