Remembrance! Remembrance! Remembrance!
Do we really remember?
Oh! Do we?
If so, how many?
How long?

The memories miss the heartbeat for a second, when so the hot silverine tears roll down effortlessly. The sigh! The hiccup and the ceaseless sob follow.

The stampede and heavy thuds of the boots, the crack of the rifles the bursts and echoes of the bombs, the cries of pain beckoning the beloved mother, the hush and rush to and fro silence the air and life with the blood flow…

The far cries and screams of sorrow; of ammas, appachchis and siblings carry the agony to the marrow. The distant drums of the dead beat play of the last post! What agony they paid for the betterment of our morrow…

The elite, all of high and low ranks pay respects in sombre mood. The kith and kin yell, sweep and chant endearments of love and loss, the final blow of the bugle and quivers down the spine making the grief stricken lifeless and speechless. The final bows of sad Good Byes. They rest; their duty done for us! Oh Mighty Gods may they rest in peace!
It’s just another grief struck mother of this land that pen these words with a heavy heart of lead; for a slain soldier boy and thousands of others who sacrificed their lives, maimed, destitute and desperate. These voids cannot ever be filled.

It’s wonderful to note that the gallants are to be honored on the 19th of May 2015. A fitting tribute should also be made to the parents, for the sacrifice they’ve made for the protection of our Motherland Sri Lanka! After all, they gave their sons and daughters for our tomorrow.

Manel Wewegama
(Mother of late Major W. M. Sanath. B. Wewegama)
(Armoured Corps – Sri Lanka Army)