The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) calls for applications from the interested business personalities for a great opportunity of national and international fame. FCCISL organizes the international recognized award ceremony for the 20 consecutive years and FCCISL President Ajith Wattuhewa said that the entrepreneurs shoulder a considerable weight of the national economy.

The FCCISL will garland the entrepreneur of the year, woman entrepreneur of the year, young entrepreneur of the year, and the differently-abled entrepreneur of the year. FCCISL Secretary General Ajith D. Perera told the media last week that FCCISL is only body which recognizes the differently-abled that are in the field strengthening the national economy. He also added that they will also have one lifetime award for a personality who had done a yeoman service in the business world.

Being the citizens of Sri Lanka, leading in the relevant sector, and engagement in the field more than three years are the basic conditions and awards will be given in provincial level too. Businesses have also been categorized as small, medium, large and extra large according to the investment on the business. Secretary General Perera also said that the applicants will be evaluated by a panel of 15 respectable judges including academics in the field. “After stages of evaluations by the panels, the fourth will be the individual face to face interview,” he added.

The FCCISL President Wattuhewa also said that their target is making the Sri Lankan businesses competitive locally and globally, providing comprehensive and innovative business services while adding optimal value to the stakeholders. He also added that the FCCISL is represented with 12,500 enterprises island-wide as it has eight provincial level chambers and 30 regional level chambers surrounded by several other business associations, councils and institutes.

Applicants have to register at the FCCISL for the event with a nominal fee and it varies according to the size of business – small, medium, large or extra large. FCCISL has already planned to awareness programs provincial level and applications details can be obtained from the FCCISL Head office at Sirimavo Bandaranaike Mawatha, Colombo 14 or visiting