Eastern International College (EIC) hosted a team of visitors from Qatar Academy last week. The team was led by Ms. Lisa Martin who is the head of THIMUN in Qatar. Also present were Ms. Margaret Michelle, the international student’s academic coordinator of the Qatar Academy, Mr. Ben Keenan, teacher of Humanity at the Qatar Academy and a contingent of 11 students.

The reason for this visit was to consolidate the partnership between the Qatar Academy and Eastern International College. THIMUN which stands for The Hague International Model United Nations along with OMUN (Online Model United Nations) has been supporting the development of model United Nations by using an online platform.

It is a 21st century learning opportunity that integrates technology and collaborative learning across continents. The goals of THIMUN are threefold, and they include developing academic skills like public speaking, reading and writing, honing online practice so that the internet could be used responsibly giving access to a vast storehouse of information and building the qualities that would make a successful leader.

EIC is proud to join hands as a partner in this venture as it opens new horizons. It offers our students an opportunity to be linked globally with world leadership, and this in turn will increase their awareness. Already students in countries like Malaysia and Qatar have benefited from these ventures.

Our students will be able to get the same experiences and then use their skills to teach their peers in turn. This partnership will also afford opportunity for students to participate in leadership conferences both locally and internationally. It will definitely widen their knowledge base and give them the foothold they need to someday become recognized leaders in various fields. So far, 15 students from EIC have been chosen to participate in this project.

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