My grandfather served as a Naval Doctor many years ago in Ceylon.

He named me after a place from your Island, he did this to anger my ignorant, racist parents, to further infuriate them he added the ‘H’ at the end.

I am 5th generation white Australian born.

I have experienced extreme brutality in my life, these lessons of suffering have given me strength to follow my chosen path, to walk on your behalf without fear or incrimination.

The past
* The Indians were only able to rein fear and terror over Sri Lanka for so long, due to the gentle forgiving bloodlines of the Sinhalese Buddhists. The Indians were easy to corrupt by the colonists.

* While the country slept, the Tamil Tigers were secretly being trained in Arabia and in India by our earth’s most brutal terrorists, they trained for five years.

* Norway floods in funds for guns, bombs and propaganda.

* This was no civil uprising, this was a declared war on innocents by terrorists.

* Seven peace negotiations were broached yet abandoned by the terrorists.

* India tries to step in under the guise of peace, Rajiv Gandhi just came to claim what he thought was his pearl.

*   Entire world stands by and does nothing. Why? It’s the color of the skin, only white skin mattered. The murdering United Nations capitalizes on this ignorance.

* The Red Cross loves war as well, they fuel the war with lies and false numbers, they enlist funds globally and keep it in their secret Swiss bank accounts.

*   SL Government spends hundreds and thousands of dollars on defense, whilst still maintaining a civilization unmatched by NONE, still provided education, food, clothing, medical care, medicines and hope to its citizens, even to the terrorists.

* Tamil Tigers kidnap children as child soldiers.

*   The Tamil Tigers were/are this earth’s most successful fundraisers. They have vast wealth.

*   The Island is almost decimated with a crumbling economy.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa throws his arms into the air towards humanity and cries;
“It has gone too far now, it must stop”

*  Bloodshed spills everywhere, dead bodies pile up, heaven cries.

*  Once supreme leader is killed, the blood stops flowing.

*   18th May is a day to celebrate liberation from tyranny unknown before onto Lord Buddha’s children.

*   I extend my hand of friendship, I send MR $14,000 to send the cricket team to play cricket on the beach with the children, just to let them know everything was going to be alright, the world’s people will not desert you again. I receive no receipt or reply.

*  Terrorists organize people smuggling boats to come to Australia, many Tamils come here telling lies of persecution, torture, raping tents, genocide, starvation, concentration camps, sexual abuse of children, Nazi style dictatorship, etc. etc. etc.

*  Australia is a most generous country. We are a democratic free spirited people, we revere freedom fighters so they hinge onto those words.

*  I founded a secret group called: Duplicity, Truth and Forgiveness Sri Lanka.

*  We write letters to newspapers, politicians and anyone who will listen.

* I start a Facebook group with many followers. Facebook management shuts me down.
* We bombarded government with cold hard facts and photos leading up to CHOGM.
* MR publicly states: ‘If any one single person has been tortured then you come directly to me and tell me’ Not one came forward.

I state a firsthand account of the final days of the war.

We were all in a bus escaping. A pregnant woman lay on the back seat screaming, her baby would not deliver.

Our bus was pulled over by The Sri Lankan Army.

Soldiers quickly board our bus. We had never seen an SLA officer before.

Not one man on our bus stopped the soldiers from removing this woman. We all just sat there.

They lay a blue tarpaulin on the ground as a lorry arrived and more soldiers jumped out.
Doctors delivered the baby through an operation right in front of us.  The other soldiers boarded our bus and handed out parcels of food wrapped in paper.

The woman was carried back on board with her baby, we drove away. This was the first ‘genocide’ story I read.

I discovered the flag of filth and blood flying over our safe soil.
I write to newspapers and Politicians. They ignore me.
I decide to fly to Victoria to deflag it, sit with the true flag of Sri Lanka and pour blood over myself.
This does not happen.

They burn my flag, now I publicly burn their flag along with their book of their terrorist supreme leader.
I no longer write to newspapers under my assumed name, I’ve come too far to turn back now.
Australians now understand the word ‘terrorist’

Thank you.