NH Perera

Former national champion and former Sri Lanka player and coach Nimal H Perera has called for an interim committee to be appointed to administer table tennis in the country.
Perera’s call for an interim committee on the same lines as the one appointed for cricket comes in the wake of the Fact Finding Committee report that was released recently by the Minister of Sport.

According to the report “there were no committee meetings held by the Table Tennis Association of Sri Lanka from 20 December 2013. The financial account hadn’t been disclosed to members in 2011 and 2012. There are no reports about entree fees of Rs. 500 which should be paid by every participant for tournaments”.

However the most striking revelation of the report is that “40 out of 54 Member Associations could be categorized as Associations which were established just for namesake and with the intention of getting their vote in the AGM”. In other words what the report reveals is that there 40 paper clubs.

“It is high time the Sports Minister took some action for the sake of the sport,” said Perera. “He can easily act on the report and appoint an interim committee to run table tennis until such time the wrongdoings are put right.

“There are several past Sri Lankan players and national champions like Annesley Gomes, Deepak Naraindas, Rasakanth Rasiah, Lt ACK Priyanjani, former TTASL president Kamal Fernando and even the evergreen Belle Wirakoon who are willing to come forward and serve the game if the environment is right,” Perera said.

He pointed out that the present set of officials were so outdated that the association has not even yet introduced the latest 40+ table tennis balls to Sri Lanka. He said the Sri Lanka team that went for the World Championship in China recently was handicapped very badly by not practicing with the latest balls in use prior to the event.