Former first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa has been asked to appear before the police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) on June 1, revealed by Hambantota district MP and his elder son Namal Rajapksa.

MP Rajapaksa also said that it was regarding a bank account which his mother allegedly had some connections. However, he denied the allegations and said that this was en effort by the good governance regime to attack his father; former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and himself. “Only my father and I do politics. I request them to deal with us instead of harassing my mother and brothers”, he said.

Meanwhile, Police sources revealed that there was an allegation over a bank account of the ‘Siriliya Saviya’ Foundation, which her name also mentioned. Police revealed that they are investigating how her national identity card number was stated as 222222222V in that bank account. The Nation also learnt that another official who had administrative powers of that account had given her national identity card number as 111111111V.