Why we need Ranil
We think Mahinda will deliver, but he will not; he will waste time building useless airports, harbors, etc. We know that Ranil will not deliver; when in power Ranil does nothing and therefore we try to do something ourselves.  When Ranil is in power, therefore, there is nation-building.

Why we need Mahinda
We all want to forget our responsibilities to the nation. This is why we want Mahinda in power. When Mahinda is in power he behaves as if his sole aim is to protect and serve the motherland. The rest of us can continue to lead our irresponsible and lazy lives.

Wimal’s respect for Ranil
Wimal has much respect for Ranil for the way Ranil has generated funds for the next election campaign through one big Treasury bill operation whereas Mahinda had to perform many such small operations to collect the necessary amounts. This was obvious when Wimal referred to the matter in a recent TV program. Wimal believes that Ranil is cleverer than Mahinda, I think.

Police heroes and student villains
As university students we saw ourselves as heroes and policemen as villains at student protests. But today when there are student protests, we see university students as villains and policemen as heroes. The poor policemen only want to do their jobs and in doing so get badly injured. They are caught between ambitious student leaders and higher education authorities.  They suffer.

Rain has no commissioner but…
Nowadays it seems that the rain has learnt a lesson from the elections in Sri Lanka. They came suddenly without any hint or warning and ended the same way.

World view
The world we see today is different from the world we saw as young men. As young men we took the side of university students and now we take the side of policeman and sympathize with them.

Good governance
When there is a beautiful lady close by we are filled with feelings of sacred and pure love. When cash and other benefits are at hand we are full of patriotism and sacrifice. The feelings about good governance too emerge in this way.

The need
We need opponents rather than friends.

Life is, in a sense, a process of making enemies rather than building friendships.

The difference
What is the difference between intelligent people and fools? The intelligent can fight and quarrel with each other even for something like peace or reconciliation. But fools have no such capacity.

Upul, the competitor
Wimal and Champika have to find new opponent in Upul.