Motorcycle races will steal the show

The CEAT – AMRC – SLARDAR – TARMAC CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 is scheduled to be held at the Katukurunda race track on 31st May. This race is conducted by the Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC) and Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers & Riders (SLARDAR), two of the most prestigious motor sports clubs in the country, to provide a massive show to motor sports enthusiasts.

This race will be the first round of the Sri Lanka Automobile Sports’ (Governing authority) National Tarmac Championship 2015.

Sri Lanka’s best racing drivers and riders will showcase their fully prepped up racing cars and their driving skills when they fight it out in 15 different categories.

The main attractions will be the infamous SL GT up to 3500cc event and the SL-H up to 1600cc event where over 20 competitors are expected to perform.

The motor cycle glamour events will be the bikes up to 1000cc and bike up to 600cc. These will be supported by all other regular car and bike events.

Another fabulous attraction at the Katukurunda races will be the exhibition of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Race car for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka.