Steps are being taken to introduce a software that can be used to help prevent the country’s marine zone from being polluted by vessels reaching the country.

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) have jointly developed the software.
Elaborating on the new software, ICTA eServices Program Head Kanchana Thudugala says: “Equipped with a foreknowledge of particulars of ships scheduled to arrive in the country, the software will facilitate more systematic and efficient disposal of ships’ waste. In addition the software could be used to facilitate activities of discharging the ballast water and pumping of required ballast water into ballast tanks for ensuring the ship’s stability and maneuverability”.

According to MEPA annually about 5000 ships arrive in Sri Lanka and about 1000 ships dispose of waste in this country. The total waste thus disposed of is about 20,000 metric tons.

“The introduction of the software will enable this marine waste disposal adopting the most correct methodology. It will be a great boost to protecting the country’s marine zone from marine pollution”, says MEPA.

Sri Lanka’s marine zone extends up to about 200 nautical miles.
According to ICTA the services of this software will become available within the next few weeks.