Snow globes are great paperweights, an excellent way to keep yourself occupied and are great gifts. Why buy them when you can make them?

You’ll need a jam bottle, preferably a small one, an ornament or shells, glitter and glue.

Snow-globe2We have used decorative stones to add height to the object inside the snow globe. Then we applied glue to it and pasted a shell on it.

Snow-globe3You can buy decorative shells in stores, but walk on the beach will give you the opportunity to collect enough and more shells. Use strong glue like Multibond so that the shell doesn’t come off. Make sure the glue is dry before you go ahead with the rest of the snow globe.

Glue the shell and stone to the inside of the lid of the bottle. Hold them in place because the shell and stone might slide a little.

Snow-globe5Make sure you can close the bottle and that the stone and shell aren’t in the way.

Once the glue is dry, pour some glitter or stars in to the bottle.

Snow-globe6Add water but don’t fill the bottle completely.

Snow-globe7Now apply glue to the inside of the lid. We have used silicone glue because the lid may not shut tight enough and the water may leak out.

Close the bottle tightly and apply glue between the lid  and bottle too.

Snow-globe8You can paint the lid and any visible glue or tie a ribbon around it so it looks neater.

Snow-globe9Now you have your very own snow globe.