For a blind person, everything is black. We have to be thankful for having eyes to see the beautiful and colorful world. From the sky to the pebbles, everything has different colors. There are only a few things that are not of their original color. However, it becomes beautiful when it connects with other colorful things.

Every person has a different liking towards color. Each and every color symbolizes the person’s character.  The bright colors are commonly known as happy colors. Pink is a ‘girly’ color and blue is commonly believed as a color for boys. These two colors are much highlighted among baby clothes and toys.

However, there are more than thousands of different shades. Yet, the rainbow has seven colors. And the main 10 colors are very popular.

Red has more emotional association than any other color. This is also an attention getting color and is linked to passion, love, desire, power, as well as anger or range. It is the color of blood. Red is a bridle color and the most energetic color. Red spices are loved by many people around the world.

Pink is the color of friendship and love. This is the strongest bond. And pink is also sincerity. It is very ‘girlish’ and blends with the entire mood. The person who likes pink is emotional and sensitive, but still very caring and has tender feelings.  It is also happy, sweet and very feminine.  Pink symbolizes calm, health and beauty and it can take in different shades to match the mood.

Blue is a color of the sky and the sea. We can see it from anywhere in the world because it’s the color of nature and faith.

Smartness and trust is a very rare bonding. Yet the person who likes blue is intelligent and confident. It is very ‘boyish’ and is the color of royalty.

White is the color of peace and hope. Simplicity and goodness are great qualities. It is the color of light and freshness, and is, like children, very pure and innocent. White is very inviting and comforting.

Black is the color of power and mystery. It is also dull and suspicions. Evil, boldness and death is symbolized by black, and the color is also rich and elegance. Strong and career people love black. It is a color mixed with emotions.

Green is the color of family. Freshness, growth and environment and a relaxation mood is represented by green.  The color is also seen in connection to life. Safety and healing are feelings which everyone adores. Money and tradition is also symbolized by green.

Purple is the color of luxury. The person who loves purple or wears purple is very creative and childish. Yet it’s also the color of sadness and arrogance. Prosperity and quite mysterious behavior also could be represented by purple.

Yellow is the color of joy and warmth. It is also representative of energy and friendliness. Yellow is the color of the seeking attention.

Orange is the color of health and wealth. It is also the color of youth and standing out. Happiness and fun are the most amazing moods represented by the color.

Gray is the color of solidity and authority. It is quite dull, yet a color of maturity. Gray clouds are beautiful because it shades the sun and we only get fresh cool winds.

These are the common colors and the meanings of them.
Sometimes these are very similar to our personality. The behavior could be the same as mentioned above.  That’s why it is said that color can be used to read the mood and character of a person.