Banished to the hinterlands of Wyoming, rebellious Lydia Callahan and her 13-year-old son Sam have no choice but to cope. But while Lydia drinks and talks to the moose head on the wall, Sam finds a friend in local girl Maurey Pierce.

One of the wildest, raunchiest, most heartfelt coming-of-age novels of the past 30 years, Skipped Parts puts Tim Sandlin in the upper echelon of contemporary comic novelists.

Author: Tim Sandlin
Amazon rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

” You and I are beyond their comprehension “

“One lesson I’ve learned about life- You can stay awake all night sweating in the sheets and trying to figure what will happen, and what happens is never, ever, what you expect. So, you might as well not worry and get yourself a solid eight hours because sleep is more important than planning.”

“Not listening doesn’t make it go away. Talking about it twenty-four hours a day won’t make it more real.”

“Children laugh at pain. It’s what makes them children.”

“What some people think of as funny has always been a mystery to me.”

“I think I’m in love.That’s nice. How can you tell? Because there’s this girl in class and I can’t stand her That’s always a good start.”

“That’s one thing I hate, the uncontrollable incident, the completely unplanned demand on my coping abilities”

“I’m twenty-eight and everything good that ever going to happen to me has already happened.”

“It’s hard to explain love at thirteen.”

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