People’s Leasing & Finance PLC CEO/GM D.P. Kumarage appointing the proprietor of Bandarawela Ariyadasa Fuel Station, R. M. S. G. Rathnayake as a CTP owner of PLC, members of the staff and well-wishers who attended the function

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC with a view to taking its financial services to the doorsteps of prospective customers and enhancing its customer service channels, launched a program to commission innovative 1000 Customer Touch Points (CTPs). The inaugural ceremony was held recently at the PLC Bandarawela branch with the participation of CEO/GM P. Kumarage.

These 1000 CTP service channels which will commence operations during the financial year 2015/16 will function besides PLC’s existing 89 main branches and 109 service centers affiliated to the People’s Bank branches.

Vehicle sales centers, fuel filling stations, super markets and People’s Bank branches that do not currently function as PLCs service centers will be potential CTPs of PLC. PLC’s field marketing officers, who nurture social marketing relationships with the business world, currently hold discussions with these potential CTP partners of PLC.

PLCs Deputy General Manager (Operations), Lionel Fernando speaking of the 1000 CTPs said it is an innovative program of the company that will be in operation in the new financial year.

“Enhancing our customer base and the market share and taking our financial services to the customers’ door steps are of utmost importance in our quest to achieve competitive business targets. In order to achieve greater heights, we need to commission new CTPs for the ease of doing business with prospective customers. PLC will treat these CTP owners as individual sales agents.

Services of these CTP owners will be evaluated by PLC every three months and the cream of CTPs will be rewarded with many benefits,” said the DGM.

The inaugural ceremony of PLC’s CTP program was graced by AGM (Branch Operations), Laksanda Gunawardena, Senior Manager, Andy Ratnayake, Senior Manager, (Branch Operations) Neil Thushantha, PLC Bandarawela former branch manager, F.U. Premadasa and also Present manager, Chandika Jayaweera and PLC staff.

In recognition of the credit quality of the company, Fitch Rating Lanka has upgraded PLC’s credit ratings to AA-(lka) keeping it at the highest platform as a financial company. PLC is the only Sri Lankan finance company geared with two international ratings