An awareness program on Wealth Planning was conducted by the Ceylon Planters’ Provident Society for its members in collaboration with NDB Wealth Management.

“We spend much of our time looking at the rupees and cents and the bottom line of the organizations that we work for but pay little or no attention to our personal financial planning. It is only at the time of retirement that it hits us in the face and we wonder how and where to invest, in order to meet our day-to-day expenses in our retirement,” said Chairman of the Ceylon Planters’ Provident Society Dr Dan Seevaratnam in his introductory remarks.

Director/CEO, NDB Bank PLC Rajendra Theagarajah welcoming the participants stated, “You need to diversify your savings to continue the same quality of life during retirement. One should give serious thought as to what is available beyond a mere bank deposit – at least on reaching 40 – 45 years.”

Ceylon Planters’ Provident Society is the oldest approved provident fund in the country, established by the Planters way back in March 1926 under the Trusteeship of the Planters’ Association of Ceylon.

Presentations on “Wealth Planning” and “How to start building your wealth” by CEO of NDB Wealth Management Ltd Prabodha Samarasekera, included several simple tools to assess one’s personal financial position and guidelines to building wealth.