Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy, which was founded by award-winning dramatist and journalist, Nalaka Swarnathilake, has announced the acceptance of new enrollments to the Academy.
Whyteleafe Academy was established on the premise of identifying raw talents of individual children and leveraging performing arts subjects, develop their personality and character. Drama, dancing, singing, speech, announcing, debating, creative writing, leadership training and organizing skills development are among the subjects that are taught at the Academy to further the student’s skills and talents.

The Whyteleafe Academy introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka the fields of business entrepreneurship and media critics for under 15-year olds. This was welcomed by many professionals and industry veterans.

This has been carried out by the Whyteleafe Academy to high quality standards, as apparent from the events and shows held by the Academy in the recent past.  It, recently, held its Annual Excellence Awards ceremony which recognized the talents of students in areas that are typically not rewarded at school.

The Academy also holds an annual public show titled ‘Pini Poda Wessak’ which showcases the talents of its students. Through their exemplary skills, the Whyteleafe Academy was picked to conduct the ‘Saman Wale Mal’ musical show held in tribute to Kalasuri Arisen Ahubudu.

A CD containing the songs sung by Whyteleafe students were also released with the show, which was organized by the Arisen Ahubudu Foundation. Furthermore, students of the Whyteleafe Academy featured in many recent events such as the State Children’s Drama Festival Awards, State Rupavahini Tele Awards, World Television Day and Visharada Edward Jayakody’s Marambari show.

Prof Kusuma Karunarathne, who is an advisor to the Academy, says that through each of these endeavors, Whyteleafe Academy has strived to create shows and events that are suitable for children and to produce a better child for the society.

The Whyteleafe Academy is located at No. 97/10, Thilake Gardens, Nugegoda (opposite Nugegoda Super Market) along with a branch at Kalutara Jubilee Hall. Classes are conducted in three groups based on age: 4-7 years, 8-10 years and 11-14 years.

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