Perfect health is core to human happiness and well-being, and it is the most precious gift in this world.  Even if you are a king, when you are not healthy, your life becomes worthless. “It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver,” once said Mahathma Gandhi.

While dates and celebrations differ, Mother’s Day most commonly falls on the second Sunday in May and usually involves presenting mothers with flower bouquets, wish cards and various other gifts. It is quite mundane for the thinking camp at eDoctor team.

If you could ‘present your mom the gift of health’ how valuable it would be for her? It was just the theme for the eDoctor Mother’s Day celebrations this year, comprising various promotional activities, driving the public to celebrate Mother’s Day in it’s true spirit.

They have done a social media campaign, selecting best comment on “How valuable is your mother’s health to you”. In the mass media eDoctor team has conducted a campaign via a popular Radio channel giving away 10 valuable health check-up packages to selected “VIP Moms”.

Their major event commemorating the Mothers Day 2015 was presented to the public at Bambalapitiya Flats, on May 10, in the form of a “Free Health Clinic”. Elderly mothers and fathers were given the opportunity to get themselves checked for diabetes, high blood pressure, eye problems and spectacles. All of them met with a doctor at the end of the checkup for clarifying their health problems. First hand advice through a nutritionist was given to the needy on prevention of osteoporosis.

Free health related products were distributed to the participants at the venue, through generous sponsors.

Sharing his views on this activity a spokes person for eDoctor said, “We are organizing health events in the magnitude frequently and always taking the message to the people to get in touch with eDoctor for initial medical advice and so much more. Once you obtain eDoctor FREE membership, you’ll be entitled to access eDcotor services through our website