All 130 persons remanded by the Jaffna Magistrate last Thursday have been transferred to the Anuradhapura prison after the officials found that they had no enough space to accommodate such a number of inmates. One hundred and thirty persons were arrested by the police on Wednesday for damaging the state properties and few vehicles parked nearby the court premises.

According to the police, people had gathered around the Court while the suspects of the Jaffna girl rape case were brought and the case was heard. “They had demanded the maximum punishment for the suspects and also expected the ruling on the same day as they had no proper idea how those cases are being heard,” Police Media Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

An official from the Justice Ministry said that the suspects were transferred to the Anuradhapura Prison due to a lack of space in the Jaffna Prison and they will be brought back to Jaffna the next court date.

ASP Gunasekara added that the investigations over rape and killing of the schoolgirl are being conducted by the CID and nine suspects are being held in the Jaffna Prison. The next court day for the suspects is June 01 and the protestors who allegedly damaged the state property will be produced before courts on June 03.