From left: Gaurav Mirchandani (CEO One Paper Lane), Kiran Kannan (CTO One Paper Lane), Samath Fernando (CEO H One) and Rakhil Hirdaramani (Director Hirdaramani Group)

The Hirdaramani Group’s IT arm, H One (Pvt) Limited, has plans to clear office desks of paper and make filing cabinets redundant, with their latest partnership with an innovative cloud-based software from leading US-based software company, One Paper Lane.

H One, the No. 1 cloud provider in Sri Lanka is adding another chapter in their evangelical manual of cloud-based services, with the launch of this innovative software designed to address the mundane yet very necessary business activities such as handling documents and forms in emails, and other paperwork with ease and more importantly, minus the clutter.

Samath Fernando, CEO of H One says that over 80 percent of what companies do in their day-to-day operations can be simplified, sped-up and made more accurate with the deployment of One Paper Lane. “This solution is also very much in line with our Cloud strategy.

It does not to replace ERP systems that deal with the higher end of business operations but more to do with supporting programs such as Microsoft Office that deal with internal and external communications and document management by digitalizing forms. ERP solutions cover business systems while the rest – be it HR documents or documents that support sales processes – is still on paper. That is where One Paper Lane can make a difference. This is not a complex solution but a very simple one which can save large to medium or small scale businesses both time and money.”

He says that another unique feature of One Paper Lane is its traceability of documents from office to office within a local or regional network, creating a smooth workflow without the need for a lengthy paper trail of documents and record ledgers. Gaurav Mirchandani, Founder and CEO of One Paper Lane, a Software as a service (Saas) company, says that their solution is the perfect way of reducing clutter; an issue faced by many organizations whatever the industry they are in. He says that as the world moves towards a digital age, more and more clients are adoptingan automated – paperless solution for their business.”

“From a sustainability perspective it’s a solution that helps companies to stay green. “Apart from paper, companies who eliminated manual filling of documents, forms, and other paperwork, also saved on toner, printing costs, energy and time, which not only helped them to become more efficient but also reduced their impact on the environment. Analytics show that companies reduce tens of thousands of sheets of paper each month using our solution,” says Gaurav.