Jam bottles are transparent, but this doesn’t mean we can’t give it some color. You can spray paint the bottle or apply glass paint. However, there is an easy method to paint the bottle and still have a glossy effect.

You’ll need a jam bottle, paint and brushes

Glossy-glass2We have used acrylic paints but you can also use fabric paint.

First take the bottle and make sure it’s dry.
Mix the paint well so that it’s not too runny and apply it on the inside of the bottle.

Glossy-glass3After one coat is applied, let it dry. Then apply another coat until the inside is completely covered in paint.

Glossy-glass1If you want to be more creative, you can paste a sticker before painting. Once the paint is dry you can remove the sticker. This will look really nice if you are going to have a light in the bottle.