Ministry of Defence in a statement says that they have received information that some organized groups are collecting funds just mentioning that donations for the construction of the Sanda Hiru Seya in Anuradhapura. Defence Ministry stresses that they have not appointed, permitted or asked any individual or organization to collect funds from the general public.  Brigadier KJ Jayaweera in his capacity as the Acting Director of the Media Centre for Tri forces warned the public not to be mislead such culprits who come to your office or house as no such program has been activated. He also asked to inform about such persons to Ministry of Defence or the nearest police station. He further added that only way to make a donation to the project is deposit some money to the official bank account of the project at People’s Bank head quarters.

The official A/C number is 204-1-001-8-0004467. Sanda Hiru Seya was a concept by the last regime to make tribute and appreciate invaluable service of fallen heroes.