CWW Kannangara College, Borella was established on March 14 in 1978. The school   began under the name CWW Kannangara College in honor of the ‘Father of Education’, CWW Kannangara.

CWW Kannangara College was inaugurated under the patronage of its founder principal, Ms. R ADC Nanayakkara. At the time of the establishment, there were only four students and two teachers.

After that, Ms.  RADC Nanayakkara and Ms. SKK Ariyawansha served the school as the Principals. In 1988, Ms. GPGG Thirima Vithana assumed duties as the Principal. the school, which had classes only from Grade 1 to 11 started providing the opportunity for the students to do Advanced Level too.

Later, D Maithripala Silva became the Principal, and facilitated  Advanced Level students by adding Commerce and Science streams.

In 2008, SU Kariyawasam assumed duties as the Principal. He commenced serving the school as a teacher in 1990. Then, he became the Assistant Principal and later the Deputy Principal, and at present he is the Principal. His commitment to the school is immense. Due to his selfless dedication towards the school, the school has developed in numerous ways today, assisted by the academic staff.

At present, there are 83 teachers, who commit themselves to guide the students, and there are 2,000 students.

The Deputy Principals of the school are Mr. AJ Samarasekara, and MR Mahinda who are in charge of the educational development of the school. The Assistant Principals of the school are Mrs. K J Ashoka Malini who is in charge of the primary section, and Mr. Thilakasiri Fernando who is in charge of the classes from Grade 6 to 8. The Assistant Principal, Rev. Dhamma Rathana is in charge of the A/L classes, Mr. K Mahanama is in charge of the sports and cocurricular activities.

The Head prefects of the school are Malka Madushan and Ayeshi Isurika. There are 60 prefects in the Prefects’ Guild of the school.
Information and Technology is taught as a subject in the curriculum. English Medium education is provided for students from Grade 6 to 11. There are classes from Grade one to Advanced Level with the three streams Arts, Commerce and Science.

There are four Houses-Paravi, Lihini, Mayura and Kokila.
Science Club, Media Circle, Buddhists Association, Sinhala Literary Association, IT society are some of the clubs and societies in the school.

At present, the College aims to develop the academic skills of students in numerous ways.

The school has achieved a lot  of successes in Cricket, Rugby, Swimming and Chess over the years.

Despite its location in a hectic ambiance in the middle of the Colombo city, the school being spacious is an added benefit for the students to engage in extra- curricular activities, including sports.

The Principal of the school opined that the elders should be roll model for the children, while affirming that the present generation children are far different from the past. He further added, “The present day children are imitating the abnormal characters telecast on television. So, it is the duty of school that should contribute to molding the students with good attributes.”

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