Insurance claims or compensation for the farmers who got destroyed their crops by floods in the Maha Season of 2014-2015 are being paid these days, announced by the Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board

Director General of the Agriculture Insurance Board Pankduka Weerasinghe said that paying of insurance money to those whose agrarian harvests were destroyed due to the floods in 2014 and 2015 commenced on May 9 in the Hambantota district and the the program took place in Anuradhapura on May 12.

The rule applies for three districts and acciordingly, they have implemented the program in Polonnaruwa on May 14. The Director General also added that they hope to conclude the payment of claims by May 29. He further stated that payments have to be made for 50,000 acres more, and they have estimated a cost of Rs.1100 million for this project.