Unspoken words are more durable than spoken words.

According to the above, it can be said that political speeches are meant for vanishing into thin air.

Our aim
Although this is the truth about political speeches, we are nevertheless moved, elevated and enchanted by political speeches. Sometimes we too want to vanish into thin air.

Morning scenery
In the mornings, I am not sure whether ladies run to offices wearing saris or saris run to offices wearing ladies.

Memory is sweeter or bitter than the experience. Memory of a memory is sweeter than the memory of an experience. No memory is sweeter than any memory. If we continue in this way, one can realize that nothing is sweeter or dearer than the death where there are neither memories nor experiences.

Our moon
We don’t write about the moon; we write about the moon we see from earth or rather about the moon that is visible to earth.

The way to love others
You have been used to you. That is why you love yourself and hate others. So, try to be a bit ‘unused’ or bit uncomfortable with yourself. Then it may be easy for you to love others or be comfortable with others.

Political somersaults
There is a saying that where gods fear to tread, fools do somersaults. The fools described here are politicians. They not only somersault, but also deliver speeches and lectures, have debates, fight with each other, and do many more miracles where even gods fear to venture.

Hard hearts
Needs make hearts hard.

The big liars
Mind changes faster than light. When one thought comes to your mind another thought follows without an interruption. In other words, one thought emerges with thousands of many different thoughts and no time is needed to turn one thought into another different thought. This means that there are no Marxists or Capitalists in the world, because a Marxist doesn’t need even a second to become a Capitalist. Similarly, there is no Nationalists because they can quickly act or think like Imperialists. Thus ‘isms’ are all lies and all you find are ever-changing men and women. Nevertheless, some do try to appear ‘unchanging’, for example as ‘true’ Marxists, Nationalists or Liberals when in fact they are all big liars.

Good speaker
Sarath Fonseka is becoming a good speaker. He can speak well because he has nothing to gain and nothing to lose at the moment. So, he just expresses the truth, as he understands.  All others have to speak in accordance with their political strategies. Sarath has no such strategy at the moment, and what he has to do is just speak what he feels, sees and thinks is true.

Commemorating the dead
Anyone has right to commemorate the dead. But it does not mean that they have right to do everything done by the dead people or ‘heroes’ and I do not think Sivajilingam is so childish as to act in that way.