Whereever we go, we see people taking selfies or using their phones. From billionaires to fishermen, it seems that everyone has a smartphone. While the brands vary, they all have something in common, which is Whatsapp. No matter what smartphone they use they will have an app called Whatsapp.

The modern generation has developed so fast that children are teaching their parents and grandparents how to operate a smartphone, and use apps like Whatsapp.

When we were younger, we never knew what mobile phones were used for except for calling and messaging. We never spoke for a long time because it cost a huge amount. But now many people use Wi-Fi which requires a monthly payment, and easy and cheaper connectivity allows us to use apps like Whatsapp to chat, exchange greetings, share photos and videos. The recent update has given more futures as Whatsapp call, which allows us to make clear and free calls.

The voice recording feature is also handy for busy times. All you have to do is press the button and record the message. It’s as easy as that.

Groups are the fun part. We can share pictures and send jokes to make others laugh, which everyone likes to do. After a busy and stressful day the group chats bring joy and makes us feel comfortable.

It is far better than other social networks because Whatsapp is more private and you can chat with whoever you like. You also can upload a profile picture and status to let others know about your mood or thoughts.

The app is popular all around the world and was bought by Facebook when it got the market.  However, it is not linked to Facebook and we use both Whatsapp and Facebook because they are totally different social networking platforms. Whatsapp web page is also available and we can use it on our desktop or notebook as well.

It is so addicting once you start to use it. We never feel what’s happening in the surrounding. However, there is a limit for everything, so we should use Whatsapp within our limits.

Because sometimes we may say something which will hurt others or they may take negatively. We never know how they will take it, because we can’t see what’s happening at the other end.

Sometimes there is gossip, which is passed by everyone and we may also believe it because the person who sent it is trustful and a good friend. This kind of thing can create false impressions about others. Using Whatsapp is not bad yet we have to be careful before sending messages or photos and, especially videos.
Whatsapp is a way of connecting people and maintaining the bonding of friendship and love.