Home is an animation about Boovs who have come to the Earth and the friendship between a Boov named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) and a human girl named Tip (voiced by Rihanna). There will be mild spoilers, you have been warned. I watched the movie with my mother. The cinema, thankfully small, had an audience of kids and also adults. So as someone who is clearly not a kid, I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable about being an adult watching a children’s movie.

Before your raise your objections, let me explain. I am incredibly afraid of children and so feel conscious of myself when in their company. Animations tend to attract hoards of children, and yet, if the film is worth it and the audience keeps quiet, I don’t mind it. While I accept that all animations aren’t meant for kids only, most attract people of that age and it is for this reason that Home was called a children’s movie in the previous paragraph.

However, Home was definitely not a children’s movie. In fact, I was very close to tears at least twice during the movie. There is one scene at the beginning of the film which is as emotional as the scene in The Lion King where Mufasa dies.

Oh is a friendly Boov and likes to make friends. While setting us home on Earth, Oh has a house warming party. He invites his neighbors, has ‘food’ in bowls and uses toilet paper as streamers. Oh is excited about his party and when the time is right, he stands by the door, ready to greet other Boovs. No one attends his party.

Outside Boovs go about their business quietly, in fear that Oh will hear them. When one makes a noise and Oh thinks his guests are here and opens the door, the Boovs hide. This scene is so sad and heartbreaking that while battling the tears, I was shocked when a child laughed at Oh. Considering the fact that IMDB has labeled the movie a comedy, may be this scene was supposed to be funny. Yet, how can we laugh at someone’s distress or pain? How can we laugh when someone is sad?

I’m not a social being. Social gatherings scare me. I prefer being alone and not having to talk with people. And yet, this doesn’t mean there are moments when my lack of social skills frustrates me. I often pretend I’m comfortable being alone and not being part of the crowd. It’s sad when you are with your friends, people you shared much of your life with, and you don’t belong with them. It makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

While watching Home, I couldn’t help being able to relate to Oh to a certain extent. Thus it annoyed me terribly that a child found Oh’s lack of friends something to laugh at. I understand he’s a child and mayn’t have even understood what was happening, but such attitudes are apparent in adults too.

It is somehow funny when someone doesn’t have friends or doesn’t talk much. “What is this, men, in your room all day? When I was your age…” and the past is remembered. Parents jokingly say, “High time you found someone, or you’ll end up an old maid.” They don’t realize that the reason for our lack of relationships is an inability to form them.

Sometimes, we are like Oh. We try our best. We want to make friends, but people don’t want to be our friend. When you are a child or teenager who doesn’t belong anywhere, you grow up to be someone who loves solitude. This isn’t only out of choice. Sometimes all you know is how to spend time alone and so anything else makes your terribly uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong in this. Being alone isn’t funny. However, we all feel lonely sometimes. There are times when all we want is someone we can spend time with.

As Home shows us, this person may not always be like us. None of the Boovs likes Oh, but Tip, by spending time with Oh, found a very good and caring friend in him.

There are enough and more Ohs among us. There are people who don’t understand how to be friends with others or lack social skills. Be patient with such people. Don’t force them to behave in a way they aren’t used to.