The National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel in view of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2015, reiterated the company’s commitment to spearhead the advancement of technological innovation and growth in all spheres of national development and progress. Mobitel expressed its commitment to push boundaries by creating the pathway for ICT innovation, while remaining the key stakeholder of technological progression in the industry and the country at large.

The business strategies of the company have been positioned around value innovation and customer centricity which have been achieved through the development of new technology, efficient distribution systems, lucrative product portfolios and value-added services, while maintaining increased focus on customer’s specific needs and interests through optimum levels of service delivery.

Mobitel intends to further enhance its scope to offer a better service to its customers and play a dominant role in the telecommunications industry. As technology evolves, new and exciting possibilities are created and Mobitel is proud to play a crucial role in providing these services to the people.

Since commencing operations in 1993, the 23-year-old telecommunications giant invested over a staggering USD 500 million, and continues to be deeply committed to upgrading its network expansion which has now reached over 5,400 base stations countrywide. The company has established the largest network expansion in Mobitel’s history through a capacity increase of base stations and full coverage in all corners of the country.

Mobitel secured much recognition for its role as a key ICT player both locally and in the global context, having had the distinct advantage in being nominated for global accolades such as the GSMA Global Award 2015 which Mobitel was nominated for a second consecutive year. The company has remained on par with global standards by delivering quality services that are comparable to other large, globally-renowned ICT players in the world.

Mobitel was the pioneer in South Asia to launch a Super 3.5G network, to successfully demonstrate HSPA + MIMO technology and be one of the first to successfully launch 4G/LTE technology.

The recent introduction of Dual Carrier HSPA+ technology and 4G-LTE services makes Mobitel’s broadband speed the fastest in the country. With the recent inaugural opening of the Mobitel Innovation Centre in Colombo’s Innovation Hub, the TRACE Expert City, the company expects to further establish its position as the key ICT enabler in the industry.

Meanwhile, Mobitel’s mobile money platform, mCash continues to dominate the company’s product portfolio through its unparalleled service offerings and increased demand.