The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) last week warned that action would be taken against companies and individuals who do not indicate prices of property and vehicles while advertising on media outlets and urged media outlets to refrain from publishing advertisements which do not indicate the prices of products.

The CAA had recently instructed that prices of vehicles and property for sale to be also published in the advertisement in accordance to the law and had thereby requested media outlets to ensure that they publish advertisements along with the prices.

Director, Consumer Affairs and Information, Chandrika Thilakarathne told the Nation Gain that even though the Act was already in place, it was predominantly applied to essential goods that were used on a daily basis. “However, we received complaints that prices of property and vehicles were not published. Therefore, we recently requested all sellers and media outlets to include prices of vehicles and property for sale,” she said.

Accordingly, sellers are required to publish the prices according to Article 26 of the Consumer Affairs Act which states “every trader shall exhibit conspicuously in his place of business, a notice specifying the maximum retail or wholesale price, as the case may be, of goods available for sale in his place of business other than the price of any goods, the price of which is marked on the goods itself or on the wrapper or pack containing it or marked in any other manner as may be required by any law.”

She pointed out that the CAA would take action against the institutions and companies that advertise without the prices, and not against media institutions. “However, we urge media institutions to refrain from publishing advertisements that do not conform to the law,” she said.