Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) has made all arrangements to conduct its Annual General Meeting on May 13, 2015. The FFSL had to face many obstacles in the past in conducting the same due to various court issues brought against the present regime.
According to reliable sources this year is sure to see some new faces emerging to contest the top positions as almost all senior officials are not eligible to come forward to contest these positions due to the present Sports law which prevent them for holding higher posts in sports bodies. The sports law allows only a four year term in two contests.

Though the law stipulates this the FFSL had asked the Ministry of Sports to amend this law which will pave the way for seniors to contest for another term. But as the Sports Ministry has not made a decision on this issue, only two factions have submitted their nominations to contest for top positions.

One faction is led by former national captain and former Chief Executive Officer of FFSL Anura de Silva who has forwarded his nomination for the presidency while he is supported by Balendra Anthony who served as an Exco Member of the present regime, will contest for Secretary’s position. He also served in the FFSL Exco on many occasions.

The opposing faction for them will be M. Pakeer Ali also a former national player and a highly qualified coach who has sent in his nomination for the presidency. Pakeer Ali will contest along with former national player and retired Superintendent of Police Clement de Silva who hopes to serve as the Secretary.

Meanwhile, Rohitha Fernando from Wennappuwa League has sent in his candidacy to be the Secretary for the coming Committee. He too has been with the FFSL for a long period and has held many positions before trying to be the Secretary.

The present Preseident of FFSL Ranjith Rodrigo had to skip the election due to the present Sports Law which prevents him from contesting. If Rodrigo is elected, he can serve only for an year as he completes four years according to law. If this happens the FFSL is sure to face more problems in the future.

The situation could take a different turn if the Ministry takes a decision to amend the law which the FFSL expect. If the Ministry decision favours the FFSL’s request then the possibility is there for Rodrigo to contest the elections and Rodrigo’s entry will see Anura de Silva make room for present president to contest or it could lead to a three cornered fight for the Presidency. Yet if things go well De Silva could withdraw his nomination in support of Rodrigo.