Authenticity of Cricket Coaching Certificates:
In recent times it has been observed that many forged cricket coaching certificates are in circulation in Sri Lanka. While cricket is the most popular sport in the country this has resulted in many job opportunities opening up for cricket coaches who take to coaching seriously and have made this their careers.

The SLC coaching department made this observation thanks to some schools, clubs and working establishments taking the trouble to check with SLC’s Coach Education Unit regarding the authenticity of the certificates of applicants who seek employment in those respective institutions and establishments.

It would of help if all who employ cricket coaches in the country for whatever reason check the authenticity of their qualifications provided directly with the source who has provided it to make sure that the certificates and qualifications provided in their application are genuine.

ICC Endorsed Level 1 Coaching Certification:
The entire country is covered with a network of Level 1 Cricket Coaches who has obtained there certification from SLC, the first ever Level 1 Coaching Course was conducted in 1982 and since then many courses have been conducted throughout the country over the years to this date, this has helped develop the coaching industry and many have benefited through this pathway and in return cricketers who come from every corner of the country have been helped by the knowledge and intelligence passed on by coaches who has helped cricketers enhance and develop their personal cricketing careers.

The SLC Level 1 Cricket Coaching Syllabus has been updated periodically over the years since the introduction in 1982, the present Level 1 Cricket Coaching Certification issued by SLC is endorsed by the ‘International Cricket Council’ which bears International recognition was introduced in 2010 August.

It is advised that if one has obtained his or her certification way back in time and still is engaged in coaching and wishes to upgrade ones knowledge that individual could get enrolled with the SLC Coach Education Unit and follow the existing Level 1 Coaching Course and broaden their knowledge with the updated version of the current syllabus. Coaches who wish to take up this offer and register themselves during the year 2015 will be given a special concession on the current course fee.

Private Cricket Coaching Academies:
It is observed that there are many private Cricket Coaching academies operating throughout the country which have prevailed over decades, these academies have been of immense value to the game of cricket in the country where these privately run academies have produced many National and first class cricketers over the years.

The SLC Coach Education Unit would like to extend their support to all private academies currently in operation providing them with information on coaching updates, inviting coaches to SLC conducted coaching workshops and seminars which are held time to time throughout the country.

All interested academies could register themselves with the SLC Coach Education Unit and obtain this assistance which is offered free of charge by Sri Lanka Cricket.

Contact Details:
On the above stated if one wishes to contact the SLC Coaching Department for further information you may use the contact details provided below for reference.
Telephone No. 0112677092/3
Fax No. 0112665910