Items being handed over to the Assistant Director, K.A.S. Priyadarshana by Kapila Nanayakkara, the President of the DFCC Group Recreation and Welfare Club and Head of DFCC Group Treasury. Also present were Channa Dayaratne, Kavin Karunamoorthy, Denessan Vaikunthavasan and Senaka Jayasinghe; members of the team who were involved in this initiative from DFCC Bank

The DFCC Banking Group recently supported the Government initiative to send basic necessities to the survivors of the disastrous Nepal earthquake.

The DFCC Group has had a close relationship with Nepal on development of renewable energy. DFCC Consulting, a fully owned subsidiary of DFCC Bank, has organized a range of study tours in the past helping decision makers in Nepal explore and discuss innovative solutions to unlock the potential of renewable energy.  The most recent program was held last year, when the company conducted a five day study-tour on Renewable Energy Technology and Financing in Sri Lanka, for a Nepalese delegation, consisting of banks, ministries and government organizations that deal with power.

Staff from across the Group contributed towards this cause, donating water filters, tents and blankets, which were indicated as urgent necessities. These items were handed over to the Disaster Management Co-ordination Unit (Colombo District), which has been appointed by the Sri Lanka Government as a collection point.

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