Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) is to take legal action against Ceylon Theatres, CMC Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni told The Nation. This was with regard to an inquiry about CMC inspections of the glasses given to patrons by 3D cinemas and the cleaning method adopted to ensure they are of the standard expected by the CMC.

CMC held inspections in August, 2014, and Majestic Cinema, along with other cinemas, had been instructed to use a cleaning machine to make sure the 3D glasses are clean and safe to use. While the management had been given ample time to equip the cinema halls with the machine, when contacted previously, Ceylon Theatres told The Nation they would be using the 3D glass cleaning machine from this year.

However, patrons who have visited the Majestic City cinema halls this year, even as recently as a week ago, were simply handed out glasses from a box as was previously done. When explaining how the 3D glasses should be cleaned, Dr. Wijayamuni said that after being washed in the machine, the glasses need to be dried well, subjected to ultraviolet (UV) rays and then, repacked.

When questioned if CMC was monitoring the cinemas, Dr. Wijayamuni said he was aware of the situation at Majestic Cinema and said, “Legal action will be taken against them.”