Michel Nugawela will introduce Leadership Archetyping at a VIP CEO Breakfast Forum on May 25 to an audience of CEOs and leaders in government and not-for-profit. Michel brings over two decades of senior level corporate consulting in brand strategy and identity development with related specialization in change strategies across newly rebranded or repositioned organizations.

Based on a disruptive Jungian psychological approach to individuation and leadership, the 12 archetypes reflect the various roles that leaders can play in organizations and put a human face to the attitudes, interactions, and patterns of behaviour that influence their effectiveness. Each of the 12 archetypal dimensions of leadership bring a set of strengths and skills that are able to significantly enhance and transform executive and team roles by connecting cognitive functions with the unconscious mind.

The 12 archetypes or patterns of behaviour identify the personality makeup and leadership style of CEOs and leaders. Most CEOs only display their Warrior, but each archetype has its positive and shadow energies. Michel Nugawela will explain how the key to matching personal strengths and competencies to executive roles and challenges by integrating each of the 12 archetypes and making the “unconscious conscious” – or becoming aware of and transforming the Shadow side. “The Warrior is actually the fundamental archetype for leadership,” says Michel. “The basic requirements of the Warrior leader in its positive pole are mental toughness, professional competence, emotional control, realistic decision-making and motivating others to the highest levels of achievement. But leaders who lack consciousness of the fullest potential of the Warrior archetype can also slide into its negative pole and see their role as a “win at any cost” version of leadership.”

Associated with the launch, and addressing the gathering, will be Niranjan Deva Aditya, Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England, and Suresh Shah, Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.